Friday, June 30, 2017

Boys on a bike

I am so proud of our Andrew!  He can now ride a bike.

In the fall he was halfheartedly trying the bike we have with training wheels, but this spring after a few attempts to teach him to ride, he commandeered Max's scooter instead and really zipped around well.  So I thought we would just try again later.

Well, his friend Beck came by with his older brother - both on bikes, and before I knew it, 6 1/2 year old Andrew hopped on his bike and tore out of our garage like a bat out of you-know-where.  It just clicked!

I joke that I would like to outsource teaching my kids how to ride a bike, though I would miss out on some sweet moments if I did.

For instance, 4 year old James was practicing pedaling with me one afternoon and he kept saying, "Dad's going to be so proud of me, right Mom?"  And then I heard him say, "I am brave and talented."   He listens to me! I often tell the boys, "You are smart, you are brave and talented" when they are having a rough time with friends or schoolwork or their brothers or figuring something out.

James is fantastic on the balance bike/strider bike/push bike, so I thought he would jump to the regular non-training-wheels bike with no trouble. But he has a hard time steering and pedaling and balancing all at once. So I have been trying him on the bike with training wheels to master the pedaling.

James also pulls out ye olde red tricycle for bike rides, but it doesn't go as fast as his blue balance bike, so I get a repeat of the two older boys at this very age -- "WAAAIIIITTTT! ANDREW, STTTTOOOOPPPPP!"

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Rachelle said...

WTG, Andrew!!! I am not a fan of teaching kids to ride a bike. I have one more to go, and I shouod really get on it. Sigh...