Monday, May 15, 2017

mother's day

I chuckled during Sacrament meeting -- I have five children, and only one of them was up there singing to me.

To be fair, one is a babe-in-arms and was actually in my arms asleep at the time. Andrew was not feeling well, and I didn't think he should go to church, so Max offered to stay home with him for the first hour. And James flat refused to leave the pew. So that left Ben up there smiling at me as he sang with the rest of the primary. I loved it.

Ben then offered for the rest of church to switch places with Max, instead of me. For Mother's Day, he said. So I went to Relief Society and heard such a great message about the value of women, and how we each individually matter -- no one can take your place.

The day started out with JB not having any Bishopbric meetings, and he brought me breakfast in bed! Home-made waffles, strawberries and whipped cream and bacon. I tell you what, I could not mother without this father. He does so so much for me and our family and home.

I enjoyed looking back at these photo shoots for this post. I am also grateful for the radio commercials my station played relentlessly all last week for a new book at Deseret Book called "You Are the Mother Your Children Need."

I sometimes feel guilty that I am not the best mother, or that maybe I shouldn't be working full-time so early in the morning, or I am not teaching them enough, or I don't pay enough attention to them (especially when I have found a good book) or that maybe I do TOO much helicoptering etc etc. 

Do you know what? I am the mother my children need.

And they are the children I need.

I also want to write quickly about the gratitude I have for my own mother, and my mother-in-law. The kids and I made a card for Pauline and FaceTimed my mom for a while on Sunday.  Pauline is always busy in the service of others, and while I continue to worry about my mom since her stroke, I feel her influence in my life still.

And my sisters and dear friends and sisters-in-law and primary teachers and neighbors and school teachers -- so many women mother and care for my children, and teach me by their examples.

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I love these pictures!