Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Jazz Nation

We have had so many ups and downs this NBA season cheering for our Utah Jazz. On Monday night, the three biggest fans in the house saw the very last game in-person.

JB and I figured it was worth buying the tickets because it has been a long time since the Jazz were in the playoffs (let alone the second round), and it is quite an experience to go. The boys were bummed though that the Jazz lost. Apparently they didn't open the newspaper the next morning, like they normally do. They didn't feel like reading about what had happened.

They said it was really loud. But JB says it was not as loud as game three, which he went to with Roger:

Many of the playoff games in California started at 8:30 pm so the boys and I couldn't see them, because of our bedtimes. But it was sure fun to be a fan this season. I would giggle in my sleeve watching Max and Ben copy JB's mannerisms and express his same viewpoints while watching games. Ben sometimes would even jump up and pound his chest (he did not get that from JB).

Well, here's looking forward to next fall!

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