Sunday, May 7, 2017


I sewed this dress for Millie when I was pregnant. I found a pattern online where you crochet the top yoke, then attach a skirt. You can't see, but I also added yellow flowers for detail.

I love her in it. Then I got dressed for church and decided to compliment her yellow and white.

I had a friend at church rave about my skills when she saw the dress and matching diaper cover (though I told her not to look closely at the seams). She said how jealous she was that I could craft and crochet and sew a little. and here I was jealous of many of her talents! We all have things we wish we could improve. My friend Autumn has such a good eye for home decorating and comforts and styles for example. And her needlepoint! Sigh. 

I would like more time to craft and sew, it is fulfilling for me. But baby girl likes to be held a lot, and chores pile up, and books and TV shows would love my attention.  Plus the sewing machine and supplies are in with the little boys and they go to bed at 7:30. So, most of my sewing right now is mending holes in socks and clothes ("Me and the boys are hard on clothes, there'll be a lot of washin and mendin" - Adam Pontipee, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers)  Different times and seasons, different talents, it's all ok.


Rachelle said...

It's wonderful!

autumn said...

That is the cutest dress!!! Should you ever find any spare time, you should open an Etsy shop. I will be your first customer! I love how everyone has such different talents. You are so nice to say cute things about what I like to do. I find needlework to be so therapeutic.

Sarah said...

Simply adorable!! She is lucky to have you as her mom to make her all sorts of cute stuff to wear!!