Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring soccer better beat swimming lessons

I would like to say soccer should go better for James than swimming lessons did, but then again, he liked swimming on the first day. He also really liked soccer on his first day, last Saturday.

They got their own ball this year, and my big boys were bleating: "Not fair, a free ball!" No, not free, this year the program costs more than when they were in soccer. (By the way, one of my favorite posts of all time is when Max was 3 and I was his co-player)

James was pretty excited about getting his turn to be on a team, after seeing older brothers be on sports teams for years.  He secretly drank all the Powerade beforehand that I had brought for him as his own special drink for after his game. Every time I turned around he was sneaking another sip.

This year's program has 3 weeks of clinics and short scrimmages before real games. I mean, is there anything cuter than little kids warming up? 

An hour after James's time slot was Andrew's time slot, and he got his uniform and ball. This is his third spring season.

I think this year promises to have less nose-picking and more running and kicking. Hope springs eternal.

Our jungle kitty baby wanted to crawl around, but that artificial turf in the field house is nasty. It makes our hands and clothes all black.  Max and Ben are such sweet big brothers -- they each wanted to carry her around the field and show her things and show her off.

My big boys also ran alongside the little boys. Seeing this, I settled down on my side-line blanket to have a nice chat/gossip sesh with the other moms. But then I got chastised by my big boys for not paying enough attention to the littles.

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Rachelle said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE those big boys taking care of things!