Monday, March 13, 2017

Some bragging-updated

The story I mention is here on this link where you can read it or listen to my radio version at the bottom.

And USA Today picked it up!


I had some highs in my journalism/radio reporting life this past week.

I haven't been caught in action on camera for a while, but there I am on the air with our main talk show host, during the radiothon for Primary Children's Hospital.  

I really enjoyed the opportunity. The volunteers were so great, and I have a fondness for the hospital and how it has helped me (2-day old baby Maxwell spent a night there) and neighbors and friends. Live radio is always exciting, but I feel like I finally hit my stride right at the end of my on-air shift!

I also feel like I made a difference with a story I worked hard on last week. It was on new locker rooms being built for homeless teenagers who go to a local high school.  

I produced an indepth radio report first (2 minutes instead of 30 seconds), and then the folks at ksl-dot-com asked me to write it up for them, so I did with added length and pictures. It has remained one of the most popular stories on the website for a week. On Saturday, I saw that it made the front page of our newspaper.

After those big moments, the stories I pitched this morning were all about how we should do away with the daylight saving time changes every spring and fall.  Am I right? JUST PICK A TIME.


Brkie in Utah said...

You're awesome!

Rachelle said...

You are RIGHT!! And congratulations on your hard work.

Sarah said...

Your very talented at your work profession! I need to look up the story and read it. Keep up the great work!